Athene English’s Private Collection – Part 2

This Welsh Tapestry I bought from North Wales.
It came from a mill not far away from where I bought my first tapestry, and like the first one, it is completely different from the usual Welsh Tapestry design. The most
striking feature of this tapestry is the big flower flower head woven in amongst
the more traditional geometric designs. Even the geometric designs are
different. Some look like castles and parapets while others
look like a grid work of simple almost Coptic crosses. The so called ‘frame’ or border
around the four sides of this tapestry is different from the usual spindle
design – and woven with a floral motif, and at all four corners with diamonds and
squares. This Tapestry is really very beautiful and I have still to find out more
about it.  My gut feeling tells me this design was made for a particular estate. A one off commission, hence the uniqueness of the design. I believe it was woven from a mill on the Llyn peninsular in North Wales but I have no firm evidence. In order to find out more about the design of this beautiful Tapestry and its history, I need some more threads of knowledge, so if anyone has any information please contact me at The Great English Outdoors on Tel:01497821205 or Email:


Welsh Tapestry