Llantony Show – 2011

As always a wonderful show.  It is unique.  I must have been at least a dozen times over the years, and I know of no other show quite the same

Apart from its superb, breathtakingly beautiful setting in the heart of the Black Mountanins, there is no other show quite like it

It always ends with a Rodeo.  This is no ordinary rodeo, and after all, there are not many  in this country anyway.  This one uses small, tough wild mountain ponies, collected straight off the hills a day before the show, and then left to “steam up” in a contained area during the show, until the grand finale.   Brave young people then volunteer to ride these wild ponies…… not so hard you may well think, but not when you see the reality.  Angered by being kept in a contained area for the day, these wild ponies shoot out of the holding pen, like fireworks, attached – but not for long is usually a young person, trying to stay on board without the help of SADDLE or BRIDLE….. think about that.  Needless to say the quantity of strong mane is an essential ingredient, as to how long the rider can stay on.  It is always amazing to watch…. And apparently there are only 2 rodeos left in this country, and I am sure health and safety can’t wait to end either.

The highlight of the day for me was selling all my lovely old Wool Wear from my stand, but also discovering a hawk moth, which took refuage in my tent for the day.  It must have got in there the night before when I was setting up the tent.

It was almost dusk when I had finished packing up my stuff and taking down the tent, now sodden and heavy after a signifcant downfall of rain.  Time was right, and I carefully encouraged the moth to climb on board me, and I gently, ever so gently, carried this moth to  the cover of some near by alder trees, and gradually lured it to move to the trunk of the tree, where it was almost perfectly camouflaged.  I stayed to see it fly away

On my way home, I caught the most wonderful fireworks display, which I had waited many years to see

Still that’s another story…..